Mr. President, running the Country is very different from running the Trump organization because when you made poor decisions only you or your investors suffered the consequences.  But, when, as POTUS you make poor decisions they can, directly have negative impact on the populations of entire Countries.

You are probably not the “genius” of a business man you think you are. This is because of your “listening to your gut” instead of studying and listening to advisors. Unquestionably, you are a supremely persuasive and successful promoter of your own interests but managing a Country requires a “thinker” not a brazen Barnum like promoter.

When your Casinos went bankrupt the only ones to suffer the result of your folly were the lenders, junk bond holders and the people forced into unemployment.  But, those effects didn’t range far and wide. When you made losing investments in a major New York hotel and an airline, again the suffering was confined to a very few.  But, when you pull out of the Paris Climate Accord based on the flawed belief that climate change is a hoax denying the science behind climate change, your decision potentially impacts the entire world population now and in the future.  A decision like that mandates much more study and consultation with other world leaders than you gave it. There was no “showing” as to how that decision “made America Great Again” and seemed to be based on nothing more than a desire to reward the fossil fuel industry while maliciously trying to destroy any Obama legacy.

Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal similarly not only impacts Iran but threatens the near term security of the region and possibly the security long term. You never disclosed the basis of your withdrawal other than to condemn it as a “bad deal”.  Why was it bad? And, why if it was so bad did other major countries so vigorously support the agreement. Was your rejection of the agreement based on just wanting to undo another Obama accomplishment? Please disclose which of your advisors convinced you that “pulling out” was good for the USA? And, tell us why engaging in a war of words with the leader of Iran is a good thing and more than just a diversion from your other failures.

Your reputation as a negotiator may be entirely contrived because you don’t exhibit the patience, preparation and style of a good negotiator.  Your penchant for name calling and denigrating others suggests that you are a negotiation bully.  Negotiating by “bullying” may get a deal occasionally but if the person on the other side is skilled you will walk away empty handed.

Why do you persist in continuing to attack the investigation of Russian interference in our elections as a “witch hunt” even after indictments and guilty pleas have resulted (even though so far nothing yet disclosed has pointed to any wrong doing by you)? Is it because you already know of things that, if they come out, would clearly point to your complicity? An innocent person, who has not been formally accused of wrongdoing would not go to such lengths to discredit an investigation. Your actions cry out GUILTY!.

Your zero tolerance policy was a clear blunder and looks like a knee jerk policy lacking a thorough prior study as to both probable effectiveness and possible unintended consequences.  Obviously, there was no PLAN in place before the policy was implemented. Despite the policy, most Americans are very decent, empathetic people who view the policy as contra to who Americans are.

You mistakenly announced that you had solved the nuclear crisis represented by North Korea only to later learn that you solved nothing.  Your announcement of success was designed by you to bolster your image. Your ego and self interest took over when a more measured announcement would have been appropriate.

There is nothing wrong with trying to engage other leaders in productive dialog even if those leaders are nasty dictators and thugs.  But, there is something very wrong with trusting them absent some act (not words) proving that trust is not misplaced. There is something very wrong with praising and trusting dictators while “blasting” allies and friends. Presidents just shouldn’t do that. Presidents who are statesmen would take up disagreements with other leaders through diplomatic channels rather than tweets and press comments If they really want to solve a perceived problem.

Playing the bully in the area of trade doesn’t stimulate cooperation from trading partners. Articulating a punch list of items needing to be improved through skilled trade negotiators is the way to accomplish the task. Threats of “pulling out” or imposing tariffs are just bullying strategies that will ultimately come back to hurt our economy. That fact has already been demonstrated by the harm done to certain U S producers. Promoting financial relief for certain sectors of the economy negatively impacted by your trade policies puts an unnecessary burden on taxpayers and could have been avoided by a coherent trade policy instead of knew jerk actions trying to pass as constructive policy.

Constantly attacking the media and calling every story you don’t like “FAKE NEWS” just demonstrates that you don’t know the difference between news reporting and the editorial page of a newspaper. The clear majority of print journalism scrumptiously vets news stories for accuracy before going to print and thus do not purposely print fake news. What appears on the editorial pages is intended to be opinion and is not, in any case, presented as NEWS. If your base believes your taunts, then they don’t understand either. Apparently, you never considered the unanticipated consequences of wrongly confronting the media on a constant basis.  You just provoke them into doing a better job of documenting your faults, mistakes, lies and dictator like reactions in ignoring or wishing to ignore rules of law

A President with a low regard for the truth would make a very poor witness on his own behalf in a court of law. Over 2,000 documented lies or distortions of the truth would convince any thinking jury that, as a witness, you were not believable.

You promised to drain the swamp but it is getting filled up with incompetent appointees who seem to toe the line of loyalty instead of providing what you really need – unadulterated, objective and truthful advice.

Keep it up and you will win the unchallenged title of the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY.  That will be your legacy.

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